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Why in the actual fuck would anyone pay $129.99 for this? HELLO SCAMMER WERE NOT ALL RICH!

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Its not a scam its a great engine they charge that much because (This is what I think) they don't get royalties off your game and they need to support there business somehow, how else would you think they would still be able to support their engine.

isn't construct free?!?!?!

Free demo yea. Do some research


I made this successful game with Constuct 2:

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This tool is excellent. I have written this on my first attempt!


This looks like an awesome tool! Maybe we will use it for our projects in the future. Currently we are working on our game HighFlyer which you can check out here: Good work Scirra!

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It's a great tool! There's a whole lot of available functionality, and I've used it to even create my own game here: .

So many thanks to the Scirra team! ^-^


Over the past two years, we've created 10 games with Construct 2 and I'm continually surprised at what sorts of crazy things it's capable of. Without it, I never would have gotten started in game development. Highly recommended.


The no programing part is a half truth that sometimes make people think low of the software. The truth is, Construct2 is a powerful game maker engine with a graphical interface, that let you make games easy and quick. You still will need to learn and practice a lot to make good use of the software, but as the coding is in graphical form you can spend more time focusing in other areas like game design. Totally recommended for prototypes and full games alike.


I agree with your comment- the no code is pretty deceiving, and deters a lot of people from looking into it, especially those that want to learn some programming or know some already. Ive been enjoying it!


Nice! Construct 2 is insanely powerful. And honestly, it's one of those weird tools that doesn't penalize you for knowing traditional programming concepts.


I've been using Construct for a few years now and just recently started teaching kids game development with it, it's a blast and everyone instantly loves it!


woah! you're welcome!


Hello everyone!


Hello! Thanks for sharing Construct 2 with the community. It's a very useful tool!

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